Scholarship Grant

      Scholarship Grant

Thank you for your interest in the 2021 New Castle County Scholarship. 


To apply, please select the below applicable category.  Please note: You must complete the entire application and upload all documents.  Application can take up to 30 minutes to complete, submission will not be saved for later review.  


**Incomplete applications will not be considered.**


  • Traditional Student- A current high school senior attending an accredited college or university in the fall following their graduation year.


  • College Students- Attended a college or university right after high school completion (or) earning a graduation equivalency diploma and currently  enrolled as a Sophomore, Junior or Senior.


  • Adult Leaner- An independent adult returning or attending an accredited college or university.


  • NOTE: Certificate and graduate programs do not meet the criteria for this scholarship.
Which Application are you applying for:

Contact Information

Have you previously been awarded a New Castle County Scholarship?
Are you a first generation in your family to attend college?

Candidates can demonstrate financial need by uploading one of the following:

a. FAFSA Student Aid Report

b. Most Recent 1040 Tax Return

c. TANF Benefits Verification Letter or Statement


Personal Information

Do any of these hobbies describe you? singer, spoken word, sign language, rap, visual artist
Currently employed?

Essay topics: Choose ONE of the following (1000 words maximum)

Type topic into a word document and upload document: 

Share your Personal Statement

  • Pick an experience from your life and explain how it has influenced your personal development.
  • Who is your biggest influence and why?
  • How has your family background or adversity affected your outlook on the world?
  • How has education contributed to who you are today?
  • Why are you a good candidate to receive this award?